GINAF: Dutch succes!

Truck technology innovations have put GINAF at the forefront on the truck market for many of years on end. GINAF was, for example, the first company in Western Europe to build an 8x8 chassis for civil use. The introduction of the worlds first 10x8 chassis a few years later was the logical result of the earlier innovations. 

With the launch of the Hydropneumatic Suspension System (HPSS) GINAF once more took the limelight.

And GINAF kept going. In 1991, it presented the Electronic Vehicle Steering System (EVS), another global first, followed by the equally groundbreaking TRIDEM series in 1997.

In 2007, GINAF worked together with ZF and DAF to develop the AS-Tronic DUAL MODE: Uncompromising automatic switching between road and all-terrain mode.