GINAF HydroAxle+: Traction on Demand

There are circumstances which require more than just the rear wheel traction. In those circumstances provides GINAF HydroAxle+ the solution by adding traction on the front axle. An excellent example for those circumstances are gravel, sand and snow covered roads.

The GINAF HydroAxle+ allows you to release extra traction to the front axle by pushing a button. Hydraulic powertrain to the front axle is managed by the hydraulic pump, which is driven by the engine - PTO. By using this system you are able to create more traction in difficult situations. Besides that, there is an extra option of full hydraulic drive by using a joystick.


The components which are used for the Hydro Axle+ are, a hydraulic pump, an oil cooler, a reservoir, and a valve block. These components are positioned for optimal performance and durability.


The Hydro Axle+ offers:

-       Extra use temporary power of the front wheels

-       Maximum pull from a standing-still position

-       Equal chassis height

-       No steering limitation

-       Brake and steer parts are original DAF components

-       Low addition to the weight of the vehicle

-       Minimum increase of the fuel consumption

-       Option: pure hydraulic driving by using a joystick.


Truck types

-       4x2 to 10x6

-       All the PACCAR MX Engines

-       PACCAR PR Engines*

-       All manual and AS-Tronic Gearboxes



-       Maximum speed up to 20-26 km/u

-       Weight addition 500 kg

-       Maximum power 200 Kw







*When applicable