14 January 2013

A fascinating start to 2013 for GINAF

GINAF has advanced into 2013 with the production lines at full capacity and the organization growing. Mine-working has now been integrated alongside the familiar widespread market in the Netherlands. These will be developed further, along with the new divisions for buses and electric vehicles, and it promises to be a good year.

It's quite some time since the last information you received from GINAF, but that doesn't mean that we've been standing still in the meantime. Far from it! There has been a lot of progress since the last letter back in 2012.

The organization
The GINAF organization is growing, in contrast to the current general tendency in the Netherlands to downsize. There were 44 people employed at GINAF in January 2012, but the head count has now doubled. The development department has in fact grown from 8 to 16, which just goes to prove that technical progress is a key issue.

Production is at full capacity thanks to the orders from the Netherlands plus a major order for constructing a number of heavy vehicles for the opencast mining sector: the now familiar HD5380T (net load capacity 60 tons) and the HD5364TS (net load capacity 45 tons).

Cooperation between GINAF and Bosch Rexroth has led to the HydroAxle+ being perfected. The HydroAxle+ can be offered through GINAF dealers on a wide range of DAF vehicles. Interest in this product continues unabated and it will be officially introduced in 2013.

The introduction of the GINAF city bus in the Netherlands was held on 14 and 15 November 2012 at the BUSTECH show, at EXPO Haarlemmermeer in Vijfhuizen. GINAF will also be introducing an electrically powered midi city bus at BUSWORLD Kortrijk in October 2013.

GINAF is also proud to be able to announce that the former TAM bus factory in Maribor (Slovenia) has been added to GINAF's European automotive division. This represents a substantial stimulus for the bus division, as well as additional truck production capacity if needed. GINAF will provide more information about this at a later date.