16 May 2011

International sales for GINAF HydroAxle+

After the first extensive testing period with the GINAF X 3128 HydroAxle+, the future looks bright for the GINAF HydroAxle+. The testing results are positive and the first customers are standing in line to buy the system.

The GINAF HydroAxle+ is a hydraulic driven front-axle. The hydraulic pump is driven by the engine PTO, which allows the system to have traction from 0 km/h. GINAF

GINAF designed a complete system with hydraulic pump, valves and wheel motors. A system where reliability and functionality are the supreme targets.

Features of the HydroAxle+ are minimal weight increase, low chassis, low cabin entry, minimal fuel consumption and ~10% more traction compared to current competitors on the market!

The system is a successful start, evidenced by the fact that the first series HydroAxle + vehicles are already sold. These are vehicles for both Dutch, Swiss, Austrian and Belgian customers. Countries which directly show the international potential for the HydroAxle+. This success continues with the subsequent series whose sale has started from today.