The GINAF DAKAR history

2007, Lisbon – Dakar

Never before had so many GINAF vehicles entered the Dakar rally, the most challenging rally in the world. As many as 21 GINAF vehicles hit the Sahara desert, i.e. about 10% of all competing trucks had rolled off the GINAF production line. The Dakar was a major success for GINAF this year. GINAF racked up 4 stage wins:

Stage 1: Team de Rooy, Gerard de Rooy
Stage 9: GINAF Rally Power, Wuf van Ginkel
Stage 10: GINAF Rally Power, Arjan Brouwer
Stage 15: GINAF Rally Power, Arjan Brouwer

Unfortunately, Team de Rooy, which raced in GINAFs for the first time, had to abandon the race due to engine malfunctions. The team did, however, have nothing but praise for the other parts of the vehicles, such as the especially developed independent wheel suspension. Jan and Gerard de Rooy even dubbed the vehicles “magic carpets”. Expectations are that the team will compete in GINAF trucks again next year.

For the GINAF Rally Power team, the 2007 Dakar was a memorable one. The team, which had up to then never had any great successes, performed above expectation this year. The team has a three-year plan, with a final goal of reaching the top three. Their goal in the first year was to get into the top ten of the trucks’ table with one vehicle. So by finishing 4th and 8th, the GINAF Rally Power team is well on its way.

Team Dakar Sport took an X 2223 to the rally to use as a quick assistance truck for their “Bowler Wildcat” rally cars. This newly-built truck helped to get many stranded cars back on their way. The truck managed to finish the race without many problems.

Team van Deijne, which also participated in the car rally in an extremely fast Mitsubishi Pajero, competed in a slightly older GINAF X 2223. This truck, driven by former motorcycle racer Gerard Jimmink, finished nearly every stage mid-table. During the last stage on the beach of Dakar, Jimmink threw all caution to the wind and managed to finish 5th.

Vink Rally Sport competed in the Dakar rally for the first time this year. This inexperienced team made a surprisingly good start, but a broken suspension forced the team to drop out after the rest day in Atar. The team continued the rally as an assistance truck, staying off the track. The team was assisted by a new assistance team (just like Team Dakar Sport), namely GINAF Rally Service, which has close ties to GINAF Rally Power and GINAF Service in Ederveen.

Final standings:
4th GRP, Wuf van Ginkel, Willem Tijsterman, Richard de Rooij
8th GRP, Arjan Brouwer, Simon Koetsier, Gerard van Veenendaal
33rd Team van Deijne, Gerard Jimmink, Peter de Snaijer, Fons Jans
42nd Team Dakar Sport, André de Boer, Coen Tolboom, Harold Kluijtmans

Next year’s rules and regulations will decide how many teams and what kind of trucks will be starting in the Dakar next year. GINAF is building 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles for The Dakar on the basis of standard versions.

Please find links to the websites of a number of the competitors below.



A Dakar Rally without Ginaf Rally Power this year. Due to the registration period closing well before the time the team thought it would close, they could not enter the race this year. That was a major disappointment, but there was a silver lining. The KIA rally team (The Sunweb Hutten Rally Team) hired the truck of the Ginaf Rally Power team as its quick-response assistance truck, with the experienced Anne Kies cast as the driver. That was a piece of luck for GRP, which could now at least test a number of improvements on the truck. The truck was carrying too much load to be able to compete for the top spots, but after a quiet start, a top-ten finish did become within reach. But this ambition stranded prematurely, due to a gearbox problem.

Race truck crew: Anne Kies, Gerard Veenendaal, Willem Tijsterman.
X 3331 crew: Jan Goossen, Toine Peters, Bert Meijer

2005 Dakar Rally

After evaluation of the 2004 edition, the main objective was to increase engine power...and that objective was more than realized! The PON Power company was able to supply the team with a Caterpillar D18 engine, with as much as 950 hp. After a fine start, disillusion hit after the rest day: damage to the front axle suspension. The team put in an all-out effort to repair the damage, but to no avail. They had to abandon the race.

Race truck crew: Wuf van Ginkel, Edwin van Ginkel, Bas Herweijer
X 3331 crew: Frits Kiggen, Gerard van Veenendaal, Jan Goossen

2004 Dakar Rally

In 2003, the brothers Wuf and Edwin van Ginkel, managers at GINAF Service in Ederveen, conceived a plan to compete in the Dakar with a GINAF team. They set up the "Ginaf Rally Power” foundation. Based on two years of experience with the Bekx team, they further worked out their plans in greater detail. A new high-tech race truck was built, a unique vehicle with independent wheel suspension, a hydropneumatic suspension system and an 800-hp DAF engine. The brand new X 3331 6x6 assistance truck was also built.
The actual rally was far from trouble-free for the team: the suspension functioned perfectly, but breaking steering links caused the race to be very tough going, and a fierce struggle to reach the finish line.

Race truck crew: Wuf van Ginkel, Edwin van Ginkel, Bas Herweijer
X 3331 crew: Frits Kiggen, Gerard van Veenendaal, Simon Koetsier
Result: 36th place in the trucks standings

2003 Dakar Rally

The big change that year affected the M 2223 PD. New regulations stipulated that the (already somewhat heavy) construction had to be adjusted. This was replaced by a more normal looking and lighter loading platform. The assistance team was extended with a newly-built GINAF X 3331 6x6. This was the last year that Hans drove for GINAF, he switched to DAF in 2004.

Race truck crew: Hans Bekx, Paul Flipsen, Pierre Blom
F 2222 crew: Mathie van Kaathoven, Edwin Willems, Henk Knuiman
X 3331 crew: Peter Maessen, Roy Damkot, Henk Hellegers
Result: 11th place in the trucks standings

2002 Arras - Madrid - Dakar

This year Bekx took part with the same vehicles, but a slightly different team. Wuf van Ginkel, manager at GINAF Service in Ederveen, a rookie in 2001, switched from the assistance truck to the race truck.

After finishing in the top ten in a number of the stages, problems arose with the engine management system, which caused the team to drop a few places in the standings.

Race truck crew: Hans Bekx, Albert de Rooder, John de Graaff
Assistance truck crew: Peter Maessen, Wuf van Ginkel, Simon Koetsier
Result: 8th place in the trucks standings

2001 Paris – Dakar

Hans made a careful start to the rally in his new truck. His tactic paid off, the team finished eighth. The fact that the team now had its own assistance truck (the old F 2222) with its own crew, played an important part in that. Both GINAFs really showed their metal in this rally.

Race truck crew: Hans Bekx, Albert de Rooder, John de Graaff
Assistance truck crew: Peter Maessen, Wuf van Ginkel, Simon Koetsier
Result: 8th place in the trucks standings


In 2000, a plan was conceived to build a completely new truck, and to enter this truck in the Dakar rally of 2001. A new powerful rally weapon was built on the basis of a standard GINAF 4x4. The end result: the GINAF M 2223 PD. A reasonably standard chassis, with a tuned up 750hp XF engine. The rear of the truck’s body was equipped with a special holder for three spare tyres. The Sisu axles were equipped with a system that enabled regulation of tyre pressure from the cabin.

1999 Granada - Dakar

The team returned to Granada in good spirits with a new team after their initial experiences of the previous year. After an excellent start, a faulty gearbox forced the team to abandon the race again.

Crew: Hans Bekx, Albert de Rooder, Martin Ketelaars

1998 Paris - Granada - Dakar


In his first year in the Dakar Rally, Bekx started off with a publicity stunt: Dutch singer Bennie Jolink joined the team as a navigator. This first Dakar was not easy for the team. Technical problems forced the team to drop out of the competition, although they did finish the race in the assistance class (T5).

Crew: Hans Bekx, Toine van Gog, Bennie Jolink


The F 2222 was bought by Hans Bekx. This (meanwhile very well known) former haulage magnate from the Dutch province of North Brabant had caught the Dakar bug when he went over to Dakar to see motor rider Erik Verhoef, whom he was sponsoring at the time, cross the finish line. It meant Erik Verhoef lost his sponsor, and the Dakar gained a competitor. He soon made concrete plans to compete in the 1998 Dakar rally.

1996 Master Rally - Paris Moscow Beijing

GINAF competed in this monster rally to the east in the summer of 1996. It turned out to be an extremely exhaustive battle that the team and the GINAF endured with flying colours.

Crew: Kees Tijsterman, Martin Ketelaars, Willem Tijsterman
Result: 5th place in the trucks standings

1995 Granada - Dakar


Team Tijsterman decided to leave their passenger car at home, and only compete in the truck class with a GINAF truck. The vehicle was equipped with new – fixed – loading platform.

Crew: Kees Tijsterman, Erik Steenhuisen, Willem Tijsterman
Result: Unfortunately, the team came in 15 minutes late in one of the stages prior to the rest day because the truck had tipped over.

1994 Paris-Dakar-Paris

Assistance crew: Anne Kies, Martin Ketelaars, Willem Tijsterman
Result: 4th place in the trucks standings

1993 The Beginning

Kees and Mieke Tijsterman, who had already been active in the Paris-Dakar rally for years, bought a DAF FAV 3600 from a dealership. This truck was to become the quick-response assistance truck for their Toyota 4x4 rally car.
GINAF had built 3 of these FAVs for DAF in 1984. Two of these were intended for Jan de Rooy’s rally team. The DAF rally team used these vehicles up to the 1988 Dakar rally.

The FAV 3600 4x4 is equipped with a Ginaf APG 25 front drive axle, and a DKX 1160 engine, originating from one of the famous “Turbo twins”. The power of the engine was about 550 hp.
GINAF and the Tijstermans agreed to change the vehicle’s name to GINAF F 2222 that year.